A charming village of Baix Camp

Pratdip is a small village with lots of charm situated in Baix Camp, only a few kilometers from the coast. It has 691 inhabitants.
The first impression you will have is the medieval aspect of this beautiful village, with on top of the village its castle. The lower part of the village surrounded by the nature and the mountains.

You can walk through Pratdip and discover its houses with balconies, little streets and a medieval church. When you can make the climb to the castle you will have an extraordinary view on the Llaberia mountains and the beautiful roofs in red clay.

There is also a legendary walk through the village in search for the Dips, the legend of the village. “ there was a village people called El Prat, where mysterious dogs appeared. They say the dogs went on the streets at night to search for sheep, goats and people to drink there blood. It looks like they are back!”

This fascinating legend about the devilish wolf dogs of Catalunya is told by the inhabitants of this village. You can go and search 11 of these “dips” in the village by guidance of a map.  An ideal activity with children. 

The dips are that importand that they even made it into the shield and flag of the village.